How to shop better in 6 steps

There are way too many options in the clothing market for us to feel quickly overwhelmed when shopping. And it’s even worse when we really don´t know what we’re looking for.

To be able to end to this madness and wasted time, we need to have the “basics” in our wardrobes. Just like other day-to-day aspects, we must take care of it before we end up quitting our own style and the wellness that being well-presented brings to our life; no exceptions. It’s not about pleasing others or society, it’s about liking the one and only person that matters: yourself!

So, in order to assist you in this task, I put together the easiest and most effective recipe to guarantee your success when shopping. You will need to:

1.- Pick 1 or 2 basic colors. Go to your existing wardrobe and evaluate which one is the most common.

2.- Pick 2 or 3 accents colors. The less you pick, the easiest will be to combine everything later. Of course, this will also be influenced by your lifestyle and budget.

3.- Pick 1 pattern. Stripes, florals, abstracts, dotted, animal print; the one you like the best. Try to stick to one color pallet to be common between them. (Hint: you can start from your absolute favorite pattern and use its color palette to decide on the basic and other accent colors)

4.- Check that every color creates harmony when mixing them. (Yep! All of them at the same time!)

5.- Complete the following items for each of the colors and pattern you chose above:

  • Blouse
  • Shirt/ T-shirt
  • Sleeveless top
  • Jacket
  • Blazer/ Outerwear
  • Cardigan
  • Pants/ Skirt 1
  • Pants/ Skirt 2
  • Dress/ Extra

6.- Have fun shopping for the missing garments and colors without feeling guilty and focusing in your mission: to complete an awesome, stylish and functional wardrobe!

You will find great tips on this and more topics when subscribing to my website ( or even better when working with me.

Enjoy your new shopping strategy!


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