About LDGRevamp

Katty_Feb2012_0070EditKatty Lopez De Gull is a knowledgeable person of well-dressing and fashion, of Image and the messages that it sends, committed to her customers and aimed to help them achieve their objectives, with a sense of aesthetics that allows her to recognize the best colors, shapes, textures and proportions for each person, and the honesty of someone interested in your well-being.

She knows that you have to use all the tools available in order to accomplish your goals in life, and recognizes a very important one of them in projecting the right image according to an intended purpose.

The proper attire, which projects the image of the person you are or what you can be, is a powerful tool that complements your performance and self-confidence in all aspects of life, just like knowing of Speech Techniques is for a Politician or knowing about Human Behavior is for a Psychologist.

Katty Lopez De Gull has an Associate degree in Marketing, at Instituto Universitario de Mercadotecnia, and a Bachelor degree in Human Resources, at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, both in Caracas, Venezuela. She worked in the Human Resources and Buying departments in companies of Banking and Finance sector, and in the most consolidated company of the Retail sector in Venezuela. During her years of practice in these productive sectors, she got to fully know their dress codes and protocols, and the web of formal and informal relationships established among the working groups.

She is a Certified Image and Style Consultant by the Sterling Style Academy, and a Certified Fashion Stylist through Style For Hire by Stacy London, host of TLC’s Prime TV show: “What Not To Wear”, which consolidated her knowledge of Image Management and Personal Style to effectively adapt it to the intentions of her clients, paving the way to achieving their goals.




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