5 Tips for looking Stylish after 40

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There seems to be a common problem with most women over 40 who want to look casual and yet chic but those two don’t always fit together easily. It’s a common problem. So many women over 40 end up wearing casual, comfy, frumpy clothes (i.e. sweat pants), or stylish, too junior casual clothes (faded, low cut too tight jeans…). There doesn’t seem to be any balance.

Where do you find that middle ground when you want to look fashionable, yet still feel relaxed? Here are my top 5 tips for looking casual and stylish after 40.

1. Wear a Dress with Leggings or Tights. 

Short flowing mini dresses worn with bare legs and heels look great on twenty and thirty year olds, but that doesn’t mean they are off limits to women over 40. Many of these dresses look an awful lot like long tops, and so they look fantastic on if you pair them with dark leggings or tights, and ballerina slippers, or flat boots. Now before you cross your arms and say, “That’s not me,” give it a try. This is a chic and very comfortable look and once you try it, you’ll be hooked.

2. Add a Wide Belt to Your Outfit

. The quickest way to go from boring to brilliant after 40 is to add a wide belt to your casual weekend outfit. A wide belt worn loosely at the hip or waist will instantly add a touch of the wow factor, kicking casual up a few notches. Wearing your wide belt at the hip is also a fantastic way to camouflage a mummy tummy which many women have after 40.

3. Splurge on a Sweater Wrap

. Transitioning into fall has never been easier or more fun than owning a wrap. Adding one over a basic tee and jeans is an easy way to add some flair to an otherwise basic outfit. Whether it’s cashmere wrap shawl or a sweater wrap jacket that cascades down the front, a sweater wrap adds chic, grown up style to a very casual look.

4. Find Some Fun Flat Shoes

. If you love to wear your jeans on the weekend, update them with a great pair of flats. Not only are they super comfortable, but they are an easy way to add personality to your outfit. Picture dark brown jeans and a top with a playful pair of snakeskin flats. Casual but classy!

5. Top it Off With a Hat

. Weekends bring a welcome change from having to do our hair. What better way to step out with bad hair and still feel great than to hide it under a stylish cap! This year men’s wear is big. The fedora is everywhere and French berets add a touch of class too. Hats are a great way to finish off a casual look and make you look fabulous after 40!

Katty Lopez De Gull has been extensively trained by the Sterling Style Academy, an internationally recognized institute that prepares men and women for success in the image, fashion and style industries.


Author: ldgrevamp

Katty Lopez De Gull is an expert in personal image and the messages it communicates. Highly dedicated to her clients, Katty primary objective is to help them achieve their goals. Katty revamps her clients with a sense of aesthetics and integrity – showing them their best colors, silhouettes and proportions. Katty Lopez De Gull is a Certified Image and Style Consultant through the Sterling Style Academy in New York. She pursued further education with Style For Hire’s Stacy London, host of TLC’s TV show “What Not To Wear”. Her training and education in image management and personal style enables her to effectively adapt it to the intentions of her clients, paving the way to achieving their goals. Katty Lopez De Gull también le atiende en Español.

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